Final Major Project Animation- The Pursuit of Happiness

I did very much consider this as the music for the animation, but I felt with it, it just didnt compliment it as much as I feel a piece of music ought to. So i left my animation with no music

Unedited version of my final major project animation. all photographs taken then strung together using Photoshop, and voila, it is what you see before your very eyes

Possible Music 7- just for jokes, but it would be SO cool! lol 

Possible music 6- has the perfect tempo, but is very obviously christian, which I’m fine with, but not sure if it will work with the animation… 

Possible Music 5- probably too slow. But amazing

Possible music 4- love it 

Possible Music 3- closest to what I want so far

Possible Music- maybe not 

Possible Music 1